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VOLUME 3, ISSUE 1 (Winter 2010)

Landscape, Self, and Intercultural Narratives in BC and Pacific Northwest Literature

The topic of an issue can determine the types of material but in general the Review encourages submissions from practitioners and scholars, including undergraduate and graduate students, college and university instructors, those working in nongovernmental agencies,and workers with public and private agencies. These submissions might take the form of research papers (both quantitative and qualitative), literature reviews, evaluations, case studies, and position papers.

The purpose of the Review is to make available to scholars, interested readers, academics, practitioners, students, and community members the research, findings and other similar material on the selected topics. Papers should be written with the general academic reader in mind. They may be research papers, literature reviews, position papers, evaluations, case studies, field reports or creative non-fiction reflections.

Table of Contents /

Introduction: Landscape, Self, and Intercultural Narratives in BC and Pacific Northwest Literature
Trevor Carolan


Creators versus Embalmers: Poets and Scholars at the University of British Columbia, 1954–1963
Hilary Turner


The Berkeley Renaissance: Its Influence in Context of the “Pacific Nation” — in Appreciation of Robin Blaser’s The Holy Forest
Colin James Sanders


That’s the Way It Began: An Interview with PK Page at 92
Joseph Blake


Working with George Woodcock
Mike Doyle


A Personal and Informal Introduction and Checklist Regarding Some Larger Poetry Enterprises in Vancouver Primarily in the Earlier Part of the 1960s
Judith Copithorne


Facing the Environmental Crisis with Contemplative Attention: The Ecopoetics of Don McKay, Tim Lilburn, and Russell Thornton
Susan McCaslin


West Coast Literary-Political Clashes: 1960–1985
Ron Dart


Creative Writing at UBC: Origins & Peregrinations
George McWhirter


The Breathable, Blue Surface: Of Poiēsis and Place
Carolyn Zonailo


The Great Story of British Columbia: Robert Bringhurst and Haida Oral Literature
Paul Falardeau


The Mountain in the Lake: Reflections of the Inner and Outer Landscape in the Writing of Northern British Columbia
Chelsea Thornton


Jumping the Helix: Genomics and the Next Generation of Chinese-Canadian Literature on the West Coast
Frances Cabahug


Ecosystems, Mandalas and Watersheds: The Dharma Citizenship of Gary Snyder
Trevor Carolan


Entering the Forest at Dusk
Review of Working the Woods, Working the Sea: An Anthology of Northwest Writing
Martin Van Woudenberg

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