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VOLUME 2, ISSUE 2 (Spring 2009)

Through Students' Eyes: Selected Papers from
the Stó:lō Ethnohistory Field School

The topic of an issue can determine the types of material but in general the Review encourages submissions from practitioners and scholars, including undergraduate and graduate students, college and university instructors, those working in nongovernmental agencies,and workers with public and private agencies. These submissions might take the form of research papers (both quantitative and qualitative), literature reviews, evaluations, case studies, and position papers.

The purpose of the Review is to make available to scholars, interested readers, academics, practitioners, students, and community members the research, findings and other similar material on the selected topics. Papers should be written with the general academic reader in mind. They may be research papers, literature reviews, position papers, evaluations, case studies, field reports or creative non-fiction reflections.

Table of Contents /

Turning the Page: Ethnohistory from a New Generation
Dr. Keith Thor Carlson, University of Saskatchewan
Dr. John Lutz, University of Victoria
Dr. David Schaepe, Stó:lō Research and Resource Management Program


Relationships: A Study of Memory, Change, and Identity
at a Place Called I:yem

Amanda Fehr


Crossing Paths: Knowing and Navigating Routes of
Access to Stó:lō Fishing Sites

Katya MacDonald


What is in a Name? Identity, Politics and Stó:lō Ancestral
Anastasia Tataryn


“I’m Going to Call it Spirit Money”: A History of Social
Welfare Among the Stó:lō
Liam Haggarty


Building Longhouses and Constructing Identities:
A Brief History of the Coqualeetza Longhouse and
Jonathan Clapperton


Disturbing the Dead: Diversity and Commonality
Among the Stó:lō

Kathryn McKay


Stó:lō Traditional Food ‘Talk’ as Metaphor for
Cross-cultural Relations

Lesley Wiebe

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